Most Popular Error when you choose online casino

The most popular error of all players, both new and old, is that when choosing online casinos real money 

everybody looks only at the bonus policy and what bonus you can get on your first deposit, but nobody calculates mathematics. Most casinos now offer all new players a welcome bonus package, namely 100% bonus in addition to a deposit with vager x50 and above. Let’s say you want to make a deposit of $ 100 and get on account of two hundred. You will play at rates from $0.4 to $ 1 to spend time with pleasure. The amount of your vager will be at least 5000$. It turns out that in order to draw a conclusion of the winnings you need to make the sum of bets for the total amount of 5000$. It turns out that if you win 500$ from your 100$ using the first deposit bonus and decide to stop – you can’t do it until you win back the wager. And by doing so you will reduce your chances of not winning.

We strongly recommend not to use the bonus on the first and subsequent deposits if you are not ready to spend 5-10 hours of your time at the casino. Otherwise you will just get tired of playing with a vaguer and lose all your money like most casino players.