Hitman Pokies

Video Game Pokies for Money The Hitman pokie is one of the many Microgaming licensed pokies, but it is one of the few that is based on a video game. Hitman was adapted to the big screen on two separate occasions, but these films failed to achieve the sort of popularity that the games generated. This pokie focuses on those games, with characters, weapons and more that fans of Codename 47 and his clinical ways will enjoy. 

This pokie can be found on Royal Vegas Casino and on many other Microgaming casinos. 


The aesthetic is basic, matching the very first Hitman game, which is sure to please fans of the series. There are a number of weapons making an appearance, and Codename 47 himself also shows up in some of the symbols, along with an 18 certificate, which acts as a scatter symbol. There are 15 paylines on this pokie and whilst there is no progressive jackpot, the game does carry a huge in-game jackpot of more than a quarter of a million coins. 


You can play the 15 paylines individually if you want, staking as much as $0. 25 and as little as $0. 01. This doesn’t create a huge higher limit, but it will still be enough to keep the majority of players happy. 

Bonus Rounds 

The Contract Bonus is the main feature on this pokie, and one that lets you relive some classic missions. In this bonus you have to select and takedown a number of targets, unlocking cash amounts every time you do. Each target is different and has a different chance of succeeding and a different payout, so choose carefully. 

Hitman also has a free spins round, and if your luck is in then you can get as many as 18 free spins with a 2x multiplier. As you can imagine, this returns a big amount, but many times you’ll actually get more from the Contract Bonus round, which is also where you can unlock the in-game jackpot.