Canadian Mobile Casino

Canadian gamers can now find their favorite online casino games at the Canadian mobile casino. The mobile casino features 3 reel slots, known as”classic slots,”alongside 5 reel slots, called”video slots.”These options ensure that players will always have access to their preferred online casino slots games.

The mobile casino plays on smartphones such as the iPhone, Blackberry and Android platforms as well as on WAP devices including Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and T-Mobile. Players can download the mobile casino into their Android and WAP mobile phones or play directly on the mobile casino browser using Android and other smartphones. Gamers always have access to their favorite online slots casino with the mobile casino alternative. 

Online Slots Casino 

The mobile online slots casino presents Canadian mobile casino games that display vivid lifelike sound effects, graphics and animations alongside engaging themes, lucrative bonuses and rewarding jackpots. The state-of-the-art technology allows players to experience the latest slots games while they enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the mobile casino. Convenient Internet banking options give players quick and easy banking solutions so that they can transfer their deposits to the mobile casino within minutes and quickly withdraw their winning when they’re ready. These online banks support Canadian dollars which allows Canadian players to place their bets and withdraw their prize money in Canadian currency. 

3 Reel Slots and 5 Reel Slots 

Classic 3 reel slots are a favorite with new slots players as well as among experienced players who want to experience a slower-paced game. Classic slots include anywhere from one to five paylines in which players create winning combinations to earn real money. When players line up identical symbols across the paylines, they win. Wagers are made according to the number of enabled paylines. The minimum bet in a three reel slots game is generally at least three coins. 5 reel slots give gamers a fast paced game which often includes story lines and themes, a realistic audio track, high quality graphics and animations and more possibilities to increase the payouts. Video slots employs a wide range of symbols including scatters and wilds whose movements vary to increase options to win.

Video slots frequently offer different play levels including bonus games, free spin games and jackpots. Video slots also has a progressive slots option which allows players to join a game in which they compete against other players. In a progressive slots game the players each add an additional deposit when they sign into the game. The jackpot increases according to the number of players who join the progressive jackpot. When the game ends, one player wins the entire jackpot.